The Soil Food Web approach to our growing needs

Join us in our back-garden allotment in Royal Wootton Bassett, North Wiltshire, where no-dig meets the microbes!

A variety of carefully structured workshops for growers of all abilities and experience that reveal the remarkable lives of soil microorganisms and their essential role in plant health, sustainable growing, and nutritious food.

Hello and a warm welcome!

My name is Eddie Bailey and I’m a chartered consulting geologist, Certified Soil Food Web Laboratory Technician, and an associate member of the British Society of Soil Science.

I am an organic allotmenteer of nearly 30 years, the last 10 being soil food web and no dig oriented. In my spare time I lead field trips and give lectures on geology and soil health to local and national interest groups, companies, and organisations.

I have presented soil science workshops at River Cottage, have analysed and compared dig and no dig microbiologies at Charles Dowding’s Homeacres, and more recently have advised at Roots Allotments, Bath and Four Acre Farm CSA near Ringwood, Hampshire. 

It's time to reintroduce your plants to the microbes

Maybe like me, there’s been something bothering you for a while, something missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. A sense of imbalance in the natural world; a desire for a simpler, more sustainable existence perhaps?  Either way you feel restless, or simply ready for a new challenge or beginning.

That’s how it dawned on me. Something needed to change in the way we grew our food, what we ate and how we lived. For me that change began when I realised how the microbes had evolved with the plants to grow nutrient-dense fruit and vegetables and vibrant flowers. I saw the connection. It made me feel connected. I cannot explain the sense of re-connection better than through my gardening. If that appeals to you – welcome to RhizoPhyllia! I think you’ll love my selection of workshops.

Soil food web workshops

You are invited to join me in my back-garden allotment and laboratory in Royal Wootton Bassett for a day, or half day of microbial magic, with emphasis on the ‘3 E’s’ – Education, Engagement and sheer Enjoyment!

For many of my workshops I’ll invite you to bring a sample of your soil, compost, foliage or produce for assessment. 

Through hands-on experience you will take away a wealth of knowledge in how microbes and plants are meant to interact, and the skills to get the very best out of your garden.

My soil food web workshops will help you to:

RhizoPhyllia explores the pivotal role of microorganisms in the health and nutritional density of your plants. It’s about the microorganisms below and above ground level, in the soil and on and in the foliage.

RhizoPhyllia workshops promise you an engaging day of training and knowledge-sharing in soil microorganisms and their key functioning in plant health, composts and organic amendments, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with refreshments and lunch provided.

Nature's biological connections need to be regenerated


  • RHIZO, or more fully the rhizosphere, is the microbial megalopolis of biogeochemical alchemy surrounding and within the roots of our plants. It also refers to the myco-rhizosphere, the even more spell-binding network of fungal hyphae and partners reaching out into the soil universe acquiring nutrients for plants …as well as knowledge!
  • PHYLLIA comes from ‘phyllos’ the Greek for leaf and intends to bring awareness to the protective microbial sheath of equal diversity and vitality. I use ‘lia’ as Aristotle did, to mean friendship because the symbiosis between plants and microbes is an essential and irreversible relationship that stretches back over a billion years – that is some marriage!

We’d love to invite you to our back-garden allotment to share the knowledge with you on how microbes and plants are meant to interact and give your soil sample a full microbial health check.

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