The Rhizophyllia Composting Workshop

We will demonstrate, hands-on, how to create ‘designer’ composts to feed those microbes that will in turn support your plants. You will also learn how to produce your own biologically rich extracts and teas.


An outline of your workshop:

Welcome and orientation.
Getting down with decomposition.

An introductory session to discuss the processes involved in recycling of organic matter into bioavailable nutrients

What’s in a compost?

In this practical session at the Compost Station we will don our gloves and thoroughly investigate several major brands of compost available as well as municipal and local sources. Do they meet our expectations? Are they what they claim to be? If you have a favourite pair of gloves , please bring them along.

As well as looking at texture, structure, and moisture (and smell) we will consider Broad Spectrum (nutrient) analysis, and prepare samples for pH and salinity tests, and humic/fulvic acid observation.

Soil Food Web microorganisms and nutrient cycling.

This session takes you through the discovery of the microbial pathway of plant succession, the ‘poop-loop’ and introduces the basics of plant nutrition. You will see short videos as we explain the marvellous microorganisms that make up a biologically active compost.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff.

In this session we will each choose a sample of branded compost or other such material and using the microscope we will compare the biology in each. Compost? Or mulch?!


Entirely plant based and  stupendously and ridiculously delicious and filling. A chance also to wander freely through the gardens and home allotment.

Common composting techniques, practices, and practicalities.

In this session at the Compost Station, we will first discuss static composting and batch composting (thermophilic and JohnsonSu) using on-site examples and including monitoring and turning. You will then each prepare a recipe for a crop of your choosing, and we will gather materials from around the Rhizophyllia gardens and Compost Station. 

At 3pm there will be a short break for refreshments, we will consider other types of composting such as bokashi, HugelKultur, and Korean Natural Farming in the light of knowledge gained from earlier sessions.

Extracts and teas and amendments.

In this session we will use a biologically rich compost and work together to produce a compost extract. We will explain how to recognise a suitable compost without the need for a microscope. We will then set the tea brewer running and I will explain the process for successful outcomes such as ‘Peak Protozoa’, and what to do if something goes wrong! How will you know if a brew has gone ‘wrong’ – you’ll smell it!

During this last session we will consider amendments such as biochar, bonemeal, rock-dusts, and Effective Microbes

Final thoughts and questions.

For any clarification ahead of booking just email [email protected] or simply phone me on 07376 238608 and I’ll be pleased to help.

Full Day Workshop
9:15am-5:15pm including lunch

What people are saying about my workshops

Rhizophyllia Quote Icon
Eddie is a passionate and extremely knowledgeable teacher who will guide you through the wonders of soil life in this information packed day. I left feeling truly inspired and would highly recommend attending this course if you wish to gain more of an insight into this fascinating and vitally important subject.
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Eddie’s enthusiasm is infectious as he shares his wealth of knowledge of the wonderful web of life under our feet. He brings the soil food web alive in your imagination ready to put new found information into practice. RhizoPhyllia provides an opportunity to explore and understand the importance of healthy soil and how to achieve it. Plenty of practical involvement and a chance to delve into unseen aspects of your own soil – the end product being healthy nutritious homegrown food. Fantastic hospitality and delicious homemade food.
Mary Hugill, organic allotmenteer, East Devon
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Eddie is a rare and inspirational person who will open up the incredible life of the soil to you. The day is fun, hands on and full of science. You will end the day knowing that the future of our soil is our future.