The Rhizophyllia Microscopy Workshop

These workshops are designed for the grower of any scale thinking of purchasing a microscope to be able to undertake their own microbial investigations. Intended to be a more bespoke offering this workshop will cover all essential parts of the Soil Food Web.

This is a full day workshop. 

An outline of your workshop:

Welcome and orientation.
Getting to know your microorganisms
  • an introduction to the roles of soil food web microorganisms – discussion with powerpoint
    • plant nutrition via the soil food web and rhizophagy
    • bacterial and fungal decomposition
    • trophic cascades
    • nitrate vs ammonia
    • plant succession
    • B:F ratios
Setting up for a closer look
  • an introduction to brightfield biological microscopy – equipment required and how to use it including Kohler illumination and ‘shadowing’.
  • selection and preparation of samples
Recognising soil food web functional groups – half an hour or so of ppt videos in the summerhouse to explain what you will be looking for, then hands-on with the microscope using your own samples and some of ours! This session is designed to give you as much practice as possible.

And of course we'll be at the end of a Zoom call or phone if you need us in the weeks that follow to help with confirming identifications until you don't need us anymore :( !

We will cover...
  • bacteria
  • fungi
  • protozoans
  • diatoms
  • nematodes
  • microarthropods
  • other signs, debris, and symptoms
We will take a break at 12:30 or so for an entirely plant-based lunch; stupendously, ridiculously delicious and filling.
Making a reliable estimate of the microbial numbers and diversity and assessment of your preferred sample (observational and empirical assessments)
Final thoughts and questions

For any clarification ahead of booking just email [email protected] or simply phone me on 07376 238608 and I’ll be pleased to help.

Full Day Workshop
Date to be arranged after booking
9:15am-5:15pm including lunch

What people are saying about my workshops

Rhizophyllia Quote Icon
Eddie is a passionate and extremely knowledgeable teacher who will guide you through the wonders of soil life in this information packed day. I left feeling truly inspired and would highly recommend attending this course if you wish to gain more of an insight into this fascinating and vitally important subject.
Rhizophyllia Quote Icon
Eddie’s enthusiasm is infectious as he shares his wealth of knowledge of the wonderful web of life under our feet. He brings the soil food web alive in your imagination ready to put new found information into practice. RhizoPhyllia provides an opportunity to explore and understand the importance of healthy soil and how to achieve it. Plenty of practical involvement and a chance to delve into unseen aspects of your own soil – the end product being healthy nutritious homegrown food. Fantastic hospitality and delicious homemade food.
Mary Hugill, organic allotmenteer, East Devon
Rhizophyllia Quote Icon
Eddie is a rare and inspirational person who will open up the incredible life of the soil to you. The day is fun, hands on and full of science. You will end the day knowing that the future of our soil is our future.